Fair Recruitment with Objective Data

leave a reply | January 17 2017

It is positive to see an approach to recruitment based on objective data in the form of Tara (Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation) - an AI chatbot that helps customers recruit staff, identifying the best candidates using a scoring system. 

We became aware of Tara via a recent article1 drawing attention to the way that — besides glass ceilings — talented software developers face the challenge of breaking into a “Brogrammer” culture; a new type of boys' club dominating the industry.

A means of meritocratic, fair recognition of the value of software developers’ work was the basis for creating BlueOptima. The data that our solution provides around productivity and quality of coders' work provide a “level playing field” for them and their managers making decisions about pay rises and promotions, based on transparent, objective metrics. In addition to providing companies with valuable insight about employees, we now also empower hiring managers to understand the value that new recruits will bring to the company. Our Developer Testing offering reveals not only how well a candidate has solved given problems, but predicts the productivity and quality of work they will deliver if recruited. The correlation between performance in test and real-world settings is growing ever more sophisticated through Machine Learning, as mentioned in the previous blog post.

Candidate testing is nothing new, but traditionally only offers a comparison of potential employees. Test results allow organisations to rank their shortlisted individuals and confirm whether each candidate has sufficient capabilities as required for a particular position. But what is really of use to companies is not knowing what skills a developer may demonstrate in test conditions, but the extent to which these skills will be applied in day-to-day work: What would their typical productivity levels be? How long will it take them to reach this level and will it be sustained? Such questions are important when making recruitment decisions, which have a long-term impact on the development of your organisation.

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1. "Beyond 'Brogrammers': Can AI create a meritocracy?" BBC News, 9/1/2017

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