How We Can End Hiring Discrimination

leave a reply | February 06 2017

A University of Bristol study released today shows recruiters discriminated against fictional candidate "Mohamed Allam", offering more interviews to "Adam Henton", in response to identical CVs1.


While candidates ought not be subject to discrimination, it seems a driver is needed to end it. Technology is leading this change. Objective and therefore fair assessment of staff is the basis of our Coding Effort Analytics platform. BlueOptima quantifies productivity of software developers in terms of intellectual effort, as well as quality of their output; metrics that can't be "gamed" by developers. This offers managers a balanced understanding of software developers' work, free from the influence of who they may perceive to be better coders due to e.g. individuals' talents for making their efforts known.


Quantitative data about team members' contributions to your organisation means an objective basis on which to base promotions and pay rises as well as targets agreed between managers and staff. An organisation with data-driven career development processes can demonstrate no discrimination including any subconscious bias — has an influence in the advancing careers of its software developers.The above applies to existing staff. BlueOptima also offers data around how companies can expect new candidates to perform if recruited. This value proposition is more advanced than merely providing results of a test to demonstrate skills. Our tests examine the way a software developer sets about solving a problem and predict the value that hire would bring to your organisation based on this data and the correlation between test- and workplace behaviour we have discovered. Thus your organisation can recruit software developers purely based on objective data. For more information about this, please complete the form below.

1. Is it easier to get a job if you're Adam or Mohamed?, BBC News, 06.02.2017

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