leave a reply | December 14 2016
Machine Learning is most often considered a branch of the broad pursuit of Artificial Intelligence in which it is used to process unstructured data, such as text. But there is an even greater potential for its application in enhancing analytics of structured numerical data. In this domain, we predict Machine Learning capabilities will continue to offer further insights by discovering patterns...
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leave a reply | October 06 2016
BlueOptima is generally apolitical, but we think the request from the UK Government to report our proportion of "foreign" staff smacks of 1930s’ fascism. Today the UK Government confirmed that they don’t yet require such reporting, but have cemented the undertone that employing non-British staff is bad practice by declaring that this approach is to ‘“nudge” organisations towards good...
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leave a reply | July 29 2016
Our Breakfast Roundtable at The Gherkin, London, on Wednesday proved an interesting opportunity to hear the chief concerns of senior software development managers from industry-leading corporations and share thinking around how they meet these challenges. The discussion examined the meaning of ‘value’ of software development as distinct from pure productivity and indicated the importance of...
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leave a reply | July 20 2016
We are delighted that our offering has been recognised by CIOReview who have shortlisted BlueOptima among their 100 Most Promising Big Data Solutions for this year. Our SaaS solution — the only technology in the world that objectively measures software developer productivity — is rapidly gaining market share within the analytics software space through uptake by some of the world’s largest...
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leave a reply | July 19 2016
Our uncertain times place CxOs under unprecedented pressure to make confident decisions to steer their companies in the best direction. Many companies spend large budgets on software development and will want to ensure their software requirements are delivered via the most cost-effective means in order to minimise software spend. Reliable data is needed for fair comparison of different...
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