leave a reply | May 26 2016
BlueOptima — the world’s first solution to measure software developer effort and productivity objectively — benefits these developers in various ways, chiefly: 1) Developers' efforts can now be fairly recognised and rewarded, without them needing to make sure their good work is known to management or employ presenteeism. BlueOptima furnishes managers with objective data upon...
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leave a reply | April 14 2016
These blogs posts received the most traffic over the recently concluded financial year: 1.   GitHub Study Suggests Prejudice Against Female Developers 2.   The Software Breakthrough You've Never Heard Of 3.   Four Critical KPIs for Outsourced Software Development 4.   Software Development needs Objective Metrics 5.   BlueOptima: What...
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leave a reply | April 12 2016
As we begin a new financial year, BlueOptima looks very different to this time a year ago, with significantly more clients and a larger staff to serve them. Year-on-year, BlueOptima’s revenue has grown by 400%; an outstanding result, especially as this high growth was cash-flow-positive and profitable. This shows BlueOptima delivers compelling ROI for our clients.   As we work...
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leave a reply | March 17 2016
Amidst complexity and competition, banks face more challenges than ever before.   Global Economy   In 2016, growth is projected to be higher than last year for advanced economies and decline for developing economies. Challenges for emerging markets come from declining commodity prices, depreciating emerging market currencies and increasing financial market...
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leave a reply | February 25 2016
Are we moving towards equal gender opportunity in 2016? Research shows a correlation between rejected contributions to open source software projects and those contributions being known to have come from women.   The data - from GitHub and other open source platforms - shows that this isn’t due to women offering lower standard contributions; rather the code is of higher standard -...
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