leave a reply | January 14 2016
Given the vast sums organisations invest in software development, transparent insight into the effort that developers put into producing releases is a profound breakthrough.   Before BlueOptima, no reliable metrics were available for assessing work invested in software projects, estimating amounts of work required, or understanding cost-efficiency or production speed of various...
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leave a reply | October 15 2015
BlueOptima Executive Breakfast, New York City, 13th October 2015   Having attracted growing interest from US Enterprises, it was a great pleasure to host our first New York event and meet contacts face-to-face. This Executive Breakfast focused on Capital Markets and served as an insightful forum to share observations about software development productivity between...
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leave a reply | July 02 2015
April's blog post highlighted the importance of reliable metrics on which software development managers can confidently base strategic decisions regarding the most effective way to deliver projects. Whether from a selection of outsourcers or in-house, executives need to be sure that they choose the right option, and plainly demonstrate to stakeholders that they have done so.   But...
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leave a reply | May 21 2015
BlueOptima Executive Breakfast, London - Enterprise/Midmarket, 19th May 2015 Having already engaged many major players in the Financial Services industry where we work with six of the world’s largest Universal Banks, we sought to extend our reach into a broader range of verticals and mid-market companies via an event in the City of London. As with our Executive Breakfasts attended by...
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leave a reply | April 16 2015
Software development requires expensive staff. Organisations need to be sure these large costs will be well invested to the ends of intended goals. Software development managers need refined insight that enables them to:   select the best software developers for the task   keep projects on track. This means keeping timeframes on target by maintaining high...
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