leave a reply | March 27 2015
Executive Breakfast, Sydney, 24th March 2015 As BlueOptima expands its global reach, we hosted an Executive Breakfast in Sydney to meet some of our Australian clients and prospects in person. Our deep dive down under analysed how software development metrics offer sturdy support for ROI calculations in a way that is appreciated by non-technical board members and brings benefits to the...
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leave a reply | March 16 2015
How can organisations confidently select the most cost-effective way to produce software releases? How can managers of these projects then keep high-quality delivery on track? Vast budgets depend on these questions. Reliable answers require meaningful KPIs, and yet those in wide use are problematic and misleading: The best managers are let down by bad metrics. Technology is...
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leave a reply | February 11 2015
BlueOptima Executive Breakfast, London – Capital Markets, 5th February 2015 To present BlueOptima's offering, we hosted an Executive Breakfast in the City of London. It was a pleasure to welcome a dozen delegates from Universal Banks - mainly CIOs and CTOs - and focus on software development best practice in this vertical. Sharing thoughts and experience led to mutually-beneficial...
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leave a reply | January 09 2015
The new year started in a new office for BlueOptima. We have moved away from our office in the City to a base near Waterloo station and the Thames' vibrant South Bank. The larger office - along with the successful uptake of BlueOptima's technology in some of the world's largest companies - allows our company to expand. We plan to recruit new staff on the product development...
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leave a reply | November 12 2014
BlueOptima offers a solution to a long-standing problem that hitherto had not been suitably solved: Objectively measuring software developer productivity.   The best methods used before BlueOptima – from assessing the overall cost or quality of a software development project to measuring increases in Function Points or even lines of code – all have their respective flaws . ...
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