BlueOptima is the world's first solution to offer accurate, objective software development productivity and quality metrics. These KPIs offer timely guidance for optimal results.

Our algorithms solve the long-standing problem of reliably measuring the intellectual effort delivered by software development teams. Our industry-leading innovation, developed over 10 years of research and development and tested on hundreds of millions of lines of code across a broad array of programming languages and software development methodologies provides commit level benchmarks of the effort delivered by developers derived from the source code contributed by developers.

Our technology is comprised of four unique interrelated components:

  • Consolidated static metric generation

    BlueOptima's Integrators provide the ability to simultaneously gather a broad range of static metrics from source code across a range of static metrics generation tools for a wide array of languages.

  • Developer Toolset Integration

    BlueOptima's Integrators provide full integration to most commonly used version control systems (e.g. Subversion, CVS, GitHub, ClearCase, TFS) and task tracking systems (e.g. Jira, Bugzilla, HP ALM) to give you insights into the state of your development process as it unfolds.

  • Benchmarked Metrics

    BlueOptima benchmarks static source code metrics based on analysis of your experience of your developers on your codebase.

  • Superior Transparency, Superior Delivery

    BlueOptima presents sophisticated metrics in a simple, highly visual, practical way to empower you and your teams with a fast, fact based, decision making capability.


In short, our intelligent system delivers this information in highly focused, visual and timely insights, translating sophisticated metrics into practical decision-influencers for developers, team leaders and executives.

Fast Deployment, Immediate Benefits

BlueOptima is easy to implement, delivering fast, measurable benefits for developers, team leaders and executives within any size company from a 3-person start-up to a multinational corporations.

BlueOptima's Integrators plug into your existing software development infrastructures. These integrators leave your precious source code safely on your network and communicate static metric statistics with the central systems using encrypted and secured interfaces based on a highly secure web-service architecture.

Once connected to your systems, BlueOptima extracts historic data providing an accurate retrospective view of the performance of your software development organization. The benefit is therefore immediate, reflecting upon past development performance and patterns that are then applicable to immediate decisions. Developers, team leaders and executives make more informed, objective decisions and avoid costly pitfalls from the very first day using BlueOptima, and increasingly over time.